Final Report WK RS500 Gottskar, Zweden

 In Nieuws

And amazing it was! Farout the most amazing racing day in the history of the RS500 class! However the swedish girls were already sure about the title there was a lot to win or loose for the top 5. 

A big battle between GBR Peter Barton/Heather C., SWE Johan Rook/Malin B., HKG Louis/Campbell and former World Champion Tim/Heather. The building 4/5bft. western wind gave amazing scenes with capsizes and blow-out all over the fleet. The races were very competitive. The change in positions during the races were amazing. 


It was very close, the HongKong guys started more to the right and middle during the races to stay save. But save is not good enough and the teams that really took risk and choose for the entire left end of the course were gaining. The SWE Johand and Malin, famous about their power and speeds in heavy winds started of very well and made a good first race with a 2nd place. In race 2 and 3 of the day they struggled with the heavier competition in the front and were not able to get thei top 3-results.  Tim and Heather were just enjoying the heavy winds and seemed to just make a fun day of it. At the end the could just hold stable top-5 position this day.


Peter Barton and Heather Chipperfield were very eager to win the races of this day to get the 2nd on the podium. Directly after the start they went to the total end of the left side of the course. And this paid out well. They wouldn’t give away this feature and decided to stay with this strategy for the whole day. They ended up with a 1-1-4 for the day and took their 2nd place home. 

Tim and Heather ended up 3rd which completed the podium of an amazing event. Top 7 need to be mentioned because the level of sailing was very good in the top and were prize worthy. 


Johan and Malin (4) showed theirselves being very allround in the 4th position and supported the new World Champions with providing the tuning guide they needed. 
The ‘HongKong’-guys (5)were amazingly fast downwind and overtook lots of boats when they were not in front at the first mark. 
Peter and James (6), the heros of the heavy winds, showed theirselves being stable in the lighter conditions. 
Michiel and Hilde(7) surprised theirselves being fast in stronger winds and stable top 10 overall in the event. They could not meet up with the top 6, but were happy in front of all the others. 


The event was filled with many different conditions; light wind to heavy winds and choppy waves, flat water and long swells from the east sea. This is what makes the sisters Soderstrom the real World Champions! In every condition they showed the fleet what consistent in the top means! Fast and smart! The real deserved title is for them. 

The event was amazing! The organization was just perfect. The race officer did a very professional and good job. Every racecourse was perfectly right and a decision to stop the race when not fair racing was possible was the good decision to make. A lot of thanks to the rce committee for that. Especially thanks to all the volunteers helping us out! 

And off course the socials! Brilliant food! great Swedish games! Stunning orange hats at the dutch party day! And what a welcoming bunch of people in the Swedish fleet! 
The Swedish fleet, lead by the entire Johanson-family was a pleasure to enjoy this week with. Special thanks to them! 

Michiel Geerling NED964

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