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Inmiddels gaat het lekker met de inschrijvingen voor het eerste Nederlandse evenement van dit jaar! De teller staat op 9 boten en er zijn geluiden dat we richting de 10, 11 of 12 boten gaan! Van de Skiffbenelux website:

For Muiderzand, we have aligned RS500, 29er, 49er, MPS (including the GER fleet) calendars, so this should be a great regatta at a great venue.

You need to check in at the Marine Muiderzand harbor office to get access to the catamaran beach where you can put your skiff.  The harbor office is open from 9 to 17h (beware when traveling Friday night !)
Saturday 1st start at 13h for 5 races, Sunday starts at 10h30 for another 4 races.  Racing will be standard 2 laps with a gate at the leeward mark (see Sailing Instructions)

Entry Fee: Doublehanders (RS500) €35,-  please register and pay cash on Saturday morning before 11:30 at the Catamaran pavilion ; 10euro will be payable to the Marina to store your boat during the weekend

Camping in a tent or camper is possible on the marina grounds for 10 /12,50 euro per night respectively => book your place at the harbor office ; it is not allowed to camp on the cat beach !  The marina has some bungalows : have a look here

The Marina supermarket opens at 8h30.

You can book BBQ on Saturday night at 12,50euro and breakfast on Sunday at 10euro (pls book directly with Roeland Touwen of Sail Today who runs the Catamaran pavilion.

Luc Meeuwissen
+32 476 79 79 11

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