RS500 worlds by Steve Cockerill – Rooster Sailing

 In Nieuws

Tijdens de RS Games 2018 in Weymouth heeft Steve Cockerill van Rooster Sailing meegedaan aan drie wedstrijden, waaronder de wereldkampioenschappen RS500. Lees het verhaal over zijn belevingen in toernooi:


We had one more regatta, this time in the RS500. I had never sailed one of these boats and I often wondered why it had not taken off in the UK as much as it obviously had in Europe would it be the strength of the RS200?

We had a brand new charter boat! It’s so nice taking a new boat out of its wrapper. Loose tension gauges, tape measures and spreader deflections were shared by the fleet.

I made a set of Spectwelve dynema® trapeze wires and used Sarah’s favourite angled sea sure trapeze rings. I also fitted a nice shortened Rooster Carbon 19mm extension.  I used a neat trick I had learned from the Stokes Bay Musto Fleet – tying a piece of trusty Dynema® elastic through the trapeze wire holes to hold the trapeze wires in place.  The needle fid worked best here to pull the shock cord through.

Lees het hele verhaal op de website van Rooster!

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