Open Dutch Championships 2021

General information

The Open Dutch Championship will take place in Bruinisse at September 18th and 19th. Register below and download the Notice of race here.

This weekend, the ODC will be organized in coorporation with the RS Aero class, ZCK Kurenpolder en Aquavitesse. We closely follow the COVID-19 measures, but for the time being we assume the event could go on. When the event must be canceled due to new restrictions, the full entry fee will be refunded.

When registered, please transfer the entry fee to NL59 RABO 0110 7308 95  in name of Nederlandse RS500 klasse

More information will be published on this page when this is available and the registered competitors will receive updates by email.

Sleeping options:

Bungalowpark “AQUADELTA”
just behind the harbor
Hageweg t Centrum 269, 4311 NS Bruinisse
tel: 0111-481940

Hotel Bru
Oudestraat 4, 4311 AW Bruinisse
Tel: +31-111-219009

There are 2 campsites at a 5 minute drive from the marina:

  • Camping de Welblok:
    phone +31 1 11 48 25 23
    Nieuwe Groeneweg 2, 4307 RT Oosterland
  • Camping ’t Hoge Zand:
    phone +31 1 11 64 19 89
    Zandweg 4, 4308 AB Sirjansland

Currently registered

Nationality Sail number First name Family name
NED 526 Samuel Deurloo
BeL 1601 Etienne d'Ursel
NED 1074 Maarten Berendschot
NED 518 Fleur Leijs
ITA 1617 Tommaso Marchesi
NED 898 Stephen Kerrison
NED 1038 Anneke Kikkert
NED 911 Ludo Schuurman
NED 1660 Bruno Goris
NED 0000 Richard Rot
NED 1685 Raimond Mooij
NED 1717 Hens Boer
ITA 892 Giulia Rossi
NED 768 Jan Willem Kramer
NED 994 Johan van Veen
NED 1076 Senne van Dijk
NED 1075 Quirine/Florine de Haan
NED 1120 Luur Jan Steenhuis
NED NED 1020 Frederik Winnubst
GER 1694 Joscha Mudrack
NED 837 Benthe de Ridder
NED 1116 Sander van der Wielen
NED 777 Tico Veugelers
NED 1666 Thomas Rot
CZE 1688 Jakub Dobry
NED 67 Jannetje Driessen
NED 718 Joke Krijgsman
NED 18 Danique Bancken
NED 971 Thomas Holewijn
NED 890 Ymke Bruckner
NED NED670 Victor Oudsen
NED 608 Merel Broere
NED NED 972 Jesper Overbeeke
NED 1622 Martijn Graafmans
NED Ntb Katinka Vork
NED 607 Maurice Klein
NED 1078 Mathijs Hoogvliet
ITA 699 Pietro Frazzica
NED 1672 Berend Kieven
FRA 1563 eric gdalia
NED NTB Rick ter Steege
LET 1023 Mark den Heijer
NED 973 Gijs Verhulst
NED 913 Tom Hermsen