RS500 Worlds: Two weeks to go!

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Bericht van de International Chairman:

World Championships

RS500 attracts lots of the nicest people from different backgrounds. Since the Inaugural Worlds 2010 inHollandwe have grown and grown. And now the next big event is coming up. We are counting the days, Two weeks to go! It is going to be incredible. Weymouthis waiting for us and we are waiting for Weymouth. And who is “We”?
“We” is all the RS 500 sailors. “We” is that “weekend warrior” that just want to have fun on the weekend and loves a good sail and racing but wants even more the socials around it. “We” is also the professional Olympic sailor who just wants to have fun for a week on the Olympic water of London 2012. “We” is also the couple who want to impress each other by sailing as fast as they can and then “We” is also us, friends for life!
With 110 sailors out of 8 countries we are more than double the inaugural Worlds 2010. We have competitors from Australia (1), France(1), Great Britain (33), Germany (1), Hong Kong (3), Italy (3), Netherlands(9) and Sweden (4). And it is going to be amazing!
We have almost finished all the preparations. Thanks to Joanne, Debby, Heather and Golly at the RS association office. They have done a great job arranging the best circumstances for a great, brilliant and fabulous week of racing and enjoyment.
We made a very intensive and attracting program for you with all the ingredients for smooth racing and crazy socials. The program is attached with important info-newsletter!

Notice of Race and Sailinginstructions:

Notice of Race is published over here:

Sailinginstructions are published over here:

Travel details:
Seafrance are offering a discount agreement with RS so you can get 10% off crossings when using the code UKRS. P&O is offering 5% using URL link
I wish you all a very pleasant week with lots of fun, competitive racing and lots of new friends for live! Enjoy!
For further information please contact:
International Class Chairman – Michiel Geerling –
Manufacturer Representative – Jon Partridge –
International RS Class Secretary – Golly Tucker –

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