Tips & Tricks

Op zoek naar de juiste trim? Vind hier de tips van de pro’s:

Dikte Lengte
Schoten Grootzeil 8mm 9.5 m
Fok 6mm 8.5 m
Spinaker 6mm 10.5 m
Vallen Grootzeilval 4.5mm 13 m
Fokkeval 4mm 16 m
Overig Spival 4mm 15 m
Neerhouder 4mm 4.5 m
Trapeze (elastiek) 5mm 3 m

Gennaker set up

Ever had the frustration of ending up with your gennaker sheet dragging in the water or even underneath the boat? Unhappy with messy solutions using tape on your hull? Time for a simple and effective upgrade to your boat! Here is what you need: 2 plastic rings (Allen sells good ones), about 2.5m of shock […]